steel expandable barriers

Effectively manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic through our best-selling steel expandable barriers. The barriers are 1230mm high and 2250mm wide and shrink to 240mm when folded. The weight is only 10.5kg, but it is always rock solid and can operate reliably even under strong wind conditions. It is made of a robust steel structure, which is enough to withstand heavy use. The Steel Expandable Barriers are coated with high visibility epoxy paint finish to prevent a collision. The substantial portable expanded barriers can be easily moved when needed. It is comfortable indoors or outdoors, folded neatly, and easy to store.

What is the purpose of barriers?

When construction work is in progress or heavy machinery is running, setting up barriers to warn pedestrians away from such areas is recommended. These Barriers are an ideal temporary structure. It can quickly form an easy-to-see obstacle that prohibits entry into a dangerous place to hurt yourself and others. Foldable when stored and expandable to more than 7 feet when fully stretched. The barrier is a necessary and convenient device that allows users to comply with safety regulations. These Steel Expandable Barriers can be purchased in very obvious red and white to effectively block restricted and hazardous areas. The Barriers can be quickly arranged to form between potentially dangerous situations, such as forklifts and heavy machinery, road works or construction sites, and signals that someone is working. Epoxy powder-coated finish is entirely weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These Steel Expandable Barriers are a space-saving and cost-effective way to warn passers-by, the public, staff, and tourists of potentially dangerous or harmful areas.

Where can steel expandable barriers be used?

For safety, this product can be used where a barrier needs to be set temporarily. Working areas often pose physical and other hazards to passers-by. This expanding obstacle enables workers to quickly and effectively issue warnings to remind people to be careful when passing by. Available to municipal workers when working on public streets and roads; steel expandable barriers can be used at the construction site; When loading and unloading heavy objects, if someone inadvertently blocks the road and maybe injured, the tool can be used; where temporary roadblocks are needed, such temporary roadblocks are very useful. They need to be set up immediately without making a fuss.

Who can use these expandable steel barriers?

Construction and maintenance personnel will find the products very useful because expandable steel barriers can be folded to 240 mm when not in use. The product is 1230mm high and can be extended to 2250mm at most; however, it becomes thinner to 240 mm for storage and transportation when steel expandable barriers collapse after expansion, it extends to more than 7 feet, forming a difficult to ignore yellow and black or red and white barrier. It can also be used in loading areas outside buildings or where heavy equipment runs, posing a safety hazard to people wandering nearby. Even those who want to use it outdoors can easily do this because the epoxy paint finish makes the product almost weatherproof.

Product specification-Steel Expandable Barriers

The expandable steel barriers are made of solid steel, can withstand harsh use and is coated with epoxy paint to ensure maximum durability in all weather conditions… Colour options include red and white or black and yellow, recognized for high visibility. Workplace depot provides a standard one-year warranty for all parts and labour. Our Steel Expandable barriers fully comply with all manufacturing requirements stipulated by the local council and government to ensure the safety of customers and employees. The Steel Expandable barriers are an easy and economical method to protect your business and improve security and safety at your factory and workplace security and safety. Current legislation places responsibility on all companies to ensure the health and safety of staff and the public. Expanding barriers can create safety zones by restricting entry or isolation of hazardous areas and or equipment.

Name expendable barrier
Colour Red, White, Yellow, Black, Coffee, etc
Surface Environmental Powder Coating
Fold Length 40cm
Fold Height 210cm
Expand Length 400cm
Expand Height 200cm
Material Iron
Weight 24kgs
Wheel Available
Advantage easy storage, strong enough for crowd control, can be one by one connected unlimited
Packing Fiberboard carton (211*41*8cm) with bubbles




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