rent crowd control barriers

rent crowd control barriers

Rent Crowd Control Barriers (also known as pedestrian barriers and crowd control barricades) are lightweight and ideal for keeping the public safe from hazards around construction sites. The barriers are also prevalent in the event industry because they act as a physical and psychological barrier and effectively guide pedestrian traffic safely by clearly marked footpaths.

Crowd Control Barriers are quick and easy to deploy on construction sites or events. They are designed to couple together with the next barrier using a fixed hook and loop on either side. No additional couplers are needed to join the barriers together. The versatile barriers are easy to stack, meaning they can be easily moved from site to site. Therefore, they can be banded and transported from location to location.

rent crowd control barriers specification

Panel Size
Frame Size
20mm,25mm,32mm,38mm,42mm,48mm O.D.
Infill Pickets
12mm,14mm,16mm,20mm,25mm O.D.60mm,100mm,190mm,200mm spacing
Hot-dipped galvanized / Powder Coating
removable/ fixed
Special size is available
TLWY Traffic Temporary Crowd Control Barriers 1100x2100mm 1100X2200mm 0

Rent Crowd Control Barriers Foot

There are three types of feet on our rental crowd control barriers. Barricades come complete with toe boards and Flat Bar style footing with optional tabs for tacking them in place. They have become quite an item as an Oil Platform Barricade. Shipbuilders favour this as a Perimeter Barricade and a safety item rather than a cable line stretched from end to end. The toe boards on the bottom also add weight and keep the tools on deck instead of in the water. Dock Barriers can also have punched holes in the bars for bolting to wood or concrete.

Main Features:

  • 1) Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintenance.
  • 2) Renewable resources use for several years.
  • 3) All welding slag is cleared to ensure fence smooth surface.
  • 4) Whole barrier panel (welded mesh panel and frame tube) will be hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated after welding.
  • 5) Customized panel shape or specification is also available

Application :

rent crowd control barriers act as a physical and psychological barrier, used to restrict “no access” zones and to designate space for lines. Riot police also use them to control large gatherings. Crowd control barricades made by Steel . Barriers are most effective when they interlock, being attached in a line via hooks at the side of each barricade. When barricades are interlocked, security personnel can create tight lines because such lines of barriers cannot easily be toppled over.

TLWY Traffic Temporary Crowd Control Barriers 1100x2100mm 1100X2200mm 1 TLWY Traffic Temporary Crowd Control Barriers 1100x2100mm 1100X2200mm 2 TLWY Traffic Temporary Crowd Control Barriers 1100x2100mm 1100X2200mm 3


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