pre-galvanized crowd control barriers

Before we talk about pre-galvanized crowd control barriers, we should know what is pre-galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized.

Galvanized steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the crowd control barrier industry. You may have seen silver Hot dipped galvanized crowd control barriers or pre-galvanized crowd control barriers around your city. If you are engaged in crowd control barriers deals, you may have used them in the project. But do you know there are different kinds of galvanized steel? How does its processing affect the durability of your fence board? Read on to learn the difference between pre-galvanized crowd control barriers and hot-dip galvanized crowd control barriers and which is better.

What is galvanizing Crowd Control Barriers?

Before we understand the difference between pre galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing, we need to understand the meaning of metal galvanizing. Galvanizing is a process of coating zinc protective coatings on metals such as steel or iron. The zinc coating can prevent rust and corrosion and effectively improve metal’s durability or service life. Although galvanizing does not prevent corrosion indefinitely, the service life of galvanized steel is much longer than unprotected steel under the same conditions. What is the difference between pre-galvanized steel and hot-dip galvanized steel? The process is the difference between pre galvanizing (or “pre galvanizing”) and hot-dip galvanizing. Let’s separate the two.

Pre galvanizing Crowd Control Barriers

When steel components manufacture more complex finished products, they can be galvanized before assembling the final product. This is called pre galvanizing or “pre galvanizing”. It can also be called “online”, “continuous”, or “rolled” galvanizing. In essence, steel components – plates or wires – are galvanized by an automated process before cutting to a specific size. The automation process will vary depending on the type of galvanized parts. Generally speaking, steel members are immersed in the “galvanizing tank” of molten zinc for a short time. Once the steel is removed from the groove, use mechanical wipers, air knives, or steam to remove excess zinc. This leaves a relatively thin zinc coating.

Hot-dip galvanizing

The batch hot-dip galvanizing process immerses the entire finished steel or “steel products” in pure zinc solution. This ensures complete coverage of the product, including the inner surface of any hollow area (e.g. inside the pipe). Hot-dip galvanizing also usually results in a thicker zinc coating than pre galvanizing. Metallurgical bonding is formed between steel products and zinc coating to provide anti-corrosion protection. If you search for pictures of hot-dip galvanized steel, you are likely to find pictures of steel products with unique surface patterns, called “flash”. Zinc spots will be produced once the molten zinc is attached to the steel and cooled below the melting point. Once this temperature is reached, randomly arranged atoms in liquid zinc begin to arrange into an orderly crystal pattern.

Pre-galvanized Crowd Control Barriers VS Hot Dipped Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers

Pre-galvanized  Control Barriers Hot Dipped Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers
1. Service Life 2-3 years Service Life 15 years
2. Price Cheap Expensive
3. After Powder Coated With a professional-looking Powder Coated Looks No good
4. Zinc-coated 14-42 microns Zinc Coated 84 microns minimum
5. The welds with cold zinc painted some maybe some parts without zinc coated All welds inside of outside of tubes with zinc coated


Our USA standard Crowd Control Barricades are made of a 1.5″ frame and 5/8″ upright come with 16gauge thickness. They are made of low carbon steel Q235 pipe or stainless steel.

Specification of pre-galvanized  barriers
Height 42inch *1060mm
Width 84inch* 2130mm
Finish Hot dipped Galvanized &Pre-galvanized &Powder Coated
Welded Punched saddle welds
Interlocking Male&Female Hook System
Packing 66 pieces per stillage
Foot Flat Steel*Bridge*CROSS etc


We used to conveniently manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic during activities and guide vehicles and pedestrians to walk along one lane. All our pre-galvanized crowd control barriers are easy to assemble and install in a short time, providing safety and management for vehicles and pedestrians. As a standard pre-galvanized crowd control barriers manufacturer, its production process is as follows: first, bend the frame to a certain extent. Secondly, drill holes on the horizontal track, cut the internal column into particular dimensions before welding, and insert it into the frame. Third, they are welded with an interlocking hinge system and removable steel feet through customized vertical spacing to ensure stability and safety. Finally, they have pre-galvanized crowd control barriers then powder coated in colour to prevent rust and make it last longer.


Feature of pre-galvanized crowd control barriers

√ pre-galvanized crowd control barriers with hot-dip galvanized, or powder coating can prevent rust and corrosion

√All pre-galvanized crowd control barriers 360 degrees all welded joint provides higher strength for steel guardrail

√ the vertical end of the hook of pre-galvanized crowd control barriers is 30 degrees to prevent theft

√ the vertical spacing of pre-galvanized crowd control barriers is 100mm or 125mm to ensure the safety of children

√ pre-galvanized crowd control barriers interlocking hook and half ring connection system

√ four removable bases of pre-galvanized crowd control barriers with excellent stability

√ facilitate transportation and installation of traffic barriers

√ customize the logo on the pre-galvanized crowd control barriers for your company’s advertising

√ effectively guide people and traffic



√ sanded galvanized thorn

√ improve the quality of zinc materials

√ Ten years of production experience in the crowd safety barrier

√ 3D drawing design confirmation before production

√ standard packaging, avoiding surface damage, safety barrier

√ professional crowd control solutions

√ price barriers for crowd control direct factories

√ guarantee after-sales traffic barrier compensation


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