powder-coated crowd control barriers

powder-coated crowd control barriers

Powdercoated crowd control barriers are increasingly used to create perfect finishes for health and safety at the construction site while fully complying with current guidelines. Our Orange  Crowd Control Barricades are the most popular on construction sites. Black Crowd Control Barriers are mainly used for activities and nightclubs, and green guardrails are used in parks and other green spaces… We can also provide you or your customer’s company with accurate colour matching, complete with high gloss and high calibre coating. These barriers can match any ral colour code.

Powder Coated Crowd control barriers mark areas to show the accessible public and inaccessible areas. You can also use crowd control barriers to create areas that allow people to walk or run during a race (marathon) without public interference.


Our USA Powder Coated  Crowd Control Barricades are made of 1.5” frame and 5/8” upright come with 16gauge thickness

Our Crowd Control Barricades Available a large alternative options

Height :42”*Width:90”

Height :42”*Width:96”

Height :42”*Width:98”

Height :42”*Width:79”

Height :42”*Width:84”

Height :42”*Width:87”

How to do a Powder Coated Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barricades-Powdercoated Crowd Control Barriers
Finish Hot dipped Galvanized &Pre-galvanized &Powder Coated
Welded Punched saddle welds
Interlocking Male&Female Hook System
Packing 66 pieces per stillage
Foot Flat Steel*Bridge*CROSS etc

white powdercoated crowd control barriers black powdercoated crowd control barriers orange powdercoated crowd control barriersyellow powder coated crowd control barriers


A crowd control barrier is a kind of barricade or fence system used to conveniently manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic during activities and control vehicles and pedestrians to walk along one lane. All our crowd barriers are easy to assemble and install in a short time, providing safety and management for vehicles and pedestrians.

Powder Coated Crowd control products can also be called steel barricade, steel barricade, steel metal barricade, crowd control barricade, steel barricade fence, Australian pedestrian barricade, portable crowd control barricade, crowd queue control barricade, portable barricade, retractable crowd barricade, crowd control barricade fence, steel pedestrian barricade, pedestrian barricade, queuing barricade, selling crowd control barricade Sell steel guardrails, Perth crowd control guardrails. They are made of low-carbon steel Q235 pipe or stainless steel.

As a standard crowd control barrier manufacturer, its production process is as follows: first, bend the frame to a certain extent. Secondly, drill holes on the horizontal track, cut the internal column into particular dimensions before welding, and insert it into the frame. Third, they are welded with an interlocking hinge system and removable steel feet through customized vertical spacing to ensure stability and safety. Finally, they are hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated in colour to prevent rust and make it last longer.

POWDER Coated Crowd control barriers function

√ pedestrian barrier with hot-dip galvanized, or powder coating can prevent rust and corrosion

√ 360 degree all welded joint provides higher strength for steel guardrail

√ the vertical end of the hook is 30 degrees to prevent theft

√ the vertical spacing of crowd control barricades is 100mm or 125mm to ensure the safety of children

√ interlocking hook and half ring connection system

√ four removable bases with excellent stability

√ facilitate transportation and installation of traffic barriers

√ customize the logo on the crowd control barricade for your company’s advertising

√ effectively guide people and traffic

Crowd barrier advantage

√ sanded galvanized thorn

√ improve the quality of zinc materials

√ Ten years of production experience in the crowd safety barrier

√ 3D drawing design confirmation before production

√ standard packaging, avoiding surface damage, safety barrier

√ professional crowd control solutions

√ price barriers for crowd control direct factories

√ guarantee after-sales traffic barrier compensation

Crowd Control Barricades are usually used for public activities and festivals, construction sites, museum exhibitions, parking lots, queuing, block parties, and concerts

This pedestrian barrier is easy to use to prevent people from crowding together and keep everything in order. At the same time, they sell well in many countries because of their high quality and low price. With the best quality products and the most professional sales team, we are committed to providing you with high-quality products and services. Through the efforts of all employees, we believe that we can become your best partner at home and abroad.


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