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BMP is a crowd control barriers manufacturer; portable barriers crowd control, which establishes line space or blocks off restricted areas, is ideal for larger crowd gathering events. They act as portable railings to direct visitors and serve as a physical and psychological barrier that deters crowds from entering restricted areas. Hot-dip galvanisation ensures that barriers will remain rust-free in outdoor settings.

Main Frame:

The portable barriers crowd control outside the perimeter (mainframe) are 38mm diameter pre-galvanized steel tubing, 1.4mm in thickness. The outer frame is a single length of tubing without welds or deformation. The pipe is bent at right angles with a minimum of smooth deformation. Horizontal and vertical bars are at right angles to the overall frame.

Specification of portable barriers crowds control.

Crowd Control Barrier
Place of Origin Hebei China
Length 2.0m-2.5m or customised
Height 1.0m-1.5m or customised
Frame Tubing 20mm.25mm.32mm.40mm.42mm.48mm O.D
Upright Tubing 14mm. 16mm. 20mm.25mm O.D
Finished Hot dipped galvanised or hot-dipped galvanised with PVC coated
Frame 2.1*1.1m, 2.4*1.2m or as your requirement
Infill Picket 20mm.25mm.32mm.40mm.42mm.48mm O.D
Spacing 14mm. 16mm. 20mm.25mm O.D
Feet 60mm.100mm.190mm.200mm
Optional Frame And Foot From crowd control barriers manufacturer Detached, Flat, Bridge Type

Advantages portable barriers crowd control

They are boiling dipped galvanised after welding.
Road barrier is weather resistant and durable.
The barriers are light and easy to handle
The road barrier is strong enough for crowd control.
The feet can be removable, making transportation much easier and more efficient.


Traditional bridge bases are designed so that each steel barrier has one giant base and one small base located at the extreme ends of the frame.
This allows for four points of the base to remain in constant contact with the ground and accommodate the placement of steel barriers in both a straight line at various angles.

crowd control barriers manufacturer types of bases:

Bridge Base
“U” Base
Flat Base
Wheel Base


Our portable barriers to crowd control are designed to be linked together via male hooks.
A bend in the male hook creates a positive interlock which prevents it from becoming disengaged.
Each male hook is a 5/8″ steel rod welded to the frame on both ends.
8. Each female receptor is a 3/16″ by 1.5″ steel plate welded to the frame.

Main features of our designs:

Hand welded for strength
Hot dipped galvanised coating for longevity – MIN 71 microns
Sturdy lightweight frames stacking or moving
Easy interlocking system for fast installation
Removable/locking feet for stacking and storing ease
Flat foot design for avoiding trip hazards

As a crowd control barriers manufacturer, we have two finishing choices; the first is pre-galvanized and spraying paint on weld points. The second is pre-galvanized and powder coated in a different colour. Any RAL colour is available.

Foot Types 


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