plastic expandable barriers

What is the purpose of the plastic expandable barrier?

These plastic expandable barriers are designed to help protect the area and prevent unauthorized access. They are very suitable for protecting construction sites or similar work areas because they are scalable; They can be folded into a shape that does not take up too much space and is easy to transport. They are perfect, such as blocking escalators in the middle of busy shopping malls or preventing access to rooms in buildings. Although they are not designed to prevent severe impact, they can make people realize where they shouldn’t go if they want to stay safe. These barriers can be used outdoors because they are safe to expand and will not be blown down in windy conditions.

Where can this product be used?

These plastic barriers are multifunctional products that can be used in construction sites, shopping centres, schools, or other areas that may need a temporary blockade. Many different workers also place some of them at the back of the work truck so that the perimeter can be easily set when work needs to be done. Plastic expandable barriers are very suitable for blocking the workplace because the barrier can be expanded and placed on both sides of the work area to let people know that there is a dangerous point ahead.


These plastic expandable barriers are 910 mm high, open to 222 mm wide, and shrink to 370 mm when not used. They are made of durable polypropylene to ensure long service life. The weight of each unit is only 6kg, but it can remain as solid as a rock in any weather environment. The overall unit size is 910 (H) x 370-2222 (W) mm.

Supplementary information

These plastic expandable barriers are simple in design and experience. These products are precisely made of high-quality materials and are durable. To get extra value when you buy, these barriers have a one-year part and labour warranty, so you can rest assured that you are getting a huge deal. This product is eligible for free delivery to any place in mainland England.

You can use our popular plastic expandable barriers to block personnel and traffic areas neatly

910mm high, opening to 222mm wide, shrinking to 370mm when not in use

Lightweight but stable, reliable operation even under strong wind conditions

They can be easily deployed when you need them, and they can be used indoors or outdoors

plastic expandable barriers are made of durable polypropylene material, which helps to ensure its long service life

Extremely flexible plastic expandable barriers, compact folding, saving storage space

Eye-catching red and white coatings improve visibility

The weight of the plastic expandable barriers is only 6kg, but it can remain rock-solid in all environments

The overall unit size is 910 (H) x 370-2222 (W) mm

Product name Temporary Fence Road Folding Expandable Plastic Traffic Barrier Road Safety
Material PE, Reflectors (Made in China)
Closed length 240mm
Extend length 2500mm
Width 370mm
Height 960mm
Weight About 2.4kg
Reflectors 16pcs white, 16pcs red, double sides reflection
Colour Yellow, black, or as required
Remark Every pillar has a hole;

Able to fill in water to increase its stability.

Packing 2pcs/carton, 98*52*25.5cm, 6.3kgs/5.3kgs.
Q’ty/container 400pcs/20GP, 1036pcs/40HQ

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Packing details for Plastic Expandable Barriers Road Safety:

1. General packing: 2pcs/carton, 98*52*25.5cm, 6.3kgs/5.3kgs; 400pcs/20GP, 1036pcs/40HQ.

2. Single barrier packing: 1pc/carton, 97*38*25cm, 3.5kgs/2.5kgs. (Will cost more)


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