Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Pedestrian Safety Barriers, also known as pedestrian barriers, are effective crowd control and site demarcation products extensively used in public areas, such as events, sports venues, public rallies, demonstrations, outdoor festivals, and concerts.


Leg of Pedestrian Safety Barriers

  • With fixed leg welded to the frame permanently.
  • Ideal for public event areas where the speed of installation, dismantling and high security are the primary concerns.
  • Perfect for directing foot traffic.
  • With the removal and replaceable flat legs bolted on the panels
  • Easy storage, transportation and stacking together.
  • Much more stable and safer.
  • Flat leg design minimizes the trip hazard.
  • Pedestrian Safety Barriers Bridge-shaped legs.
  • Removal and replaceable bases
  • The most stable type


The base of Pedestrian Safety Barriers

The Pedestrian Safety barriers are composed of several fence bases, which are welded or bolted to the barrier. Our crowd control barriers are manufactured with fix base, flat base or bridge base, as shown in the picture:


Material: steel
Welded way: 360 degrees hand-welded
Technology standard: hot dipped galvanized after welding
Zinc standard: 42 microns, 300g/m2


Application Of Pedestrian Safety Barriers

  • Direct pedestrian traffic Safety Control
  • Keep the crowd in a designated area.
  • Protect cordoning off restricted areas.
  • Designate space for lines.
  • Control large gatherings.
  • Deter motorists and pedestrians entering.
  • Create allocated walkways.
  • Also can be used at construction sites and road works.


Material: Galvanized steel
Width: 1526mm,  or as your request.
Height: 1065m or as your request.
Frame diameter: 20mmOD, 25mmOD, 32mmOD or as your request.
Mesh:705mm or as your request.

  • Interlocking design
    The Pedestrian barriers can be attached in a line or take corners of up to 90 degrees. Once the barriers are interlocked, it is not easy to topple them over. Panels with single or double hooks are available at your request. Typically, the two hooks can be manufactured 15 or 25 inches apart.
  • Hand welded with high strength.
    The crossover points of crowd control barriers are 360 degrees welded, complying with advanced welding technology.
  • Portable frame for easy handling
    Before being interlocked, Barriers can lift the crowd control barriers just by individuals. Its portable character makes the panels easier to handle, install and transport.

We select the best galvanization way for the super rust and corrosion resistance: hot–dipped galvanized after welding. The zinc layer’s hot-dipped galvanized crowd control barrier thickness is 42 microns. After galvanization, Pedestrian Safety Barriers are more anti-weather and durable with a longer service time. Other galvanization ways are also available if you are on a tight budget. The Pedestrian Safety Barriers can be PVC coated in any colour to fit your scheme and provide aesthetic effects.


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