DIY crowd control barriers

DIY crowd control barriers are made of high-quality, hot-DIP galvanised steel, with uprights inserted and welded into the frame. Barriers feature bolt-on, replaceable Bases, and the Blockader hook system ensures that barriers truly interlock with each other so that they cannot be disengaged or quickly toppled over.


Our DIY Crowd Control Barriers follow advantages such as

With fixed leg welded to the frame permanently.
Ideal for public event areas where the speed of installation, dismantling and high security are the main concerns.
Perfect for directing foot traffic.
With the removal and replaceable flat legs bolted on the panels
Easy storage, transportation and stacking together.
Much more stable and safer.
A flat leg design minimizes the trip hazard.

Main features of our designs:

Hand welded for strength
Hot dipped galvanized coating for longevity – MIN 71 microns
Sturdy lightweight frames stacking or moving
Easy interlocking system for fast installation
Removable/locking feet for stacking and storing ease
Flat foot design for avoiding trip hazards



a. Hot Dipped Galvanized to Australian Standard – 42 Microns
b. Hot Dipped Galvanized Tube–Welding–Silver Spray Painted (Popular)
c. Hot Dipped Galvanized Tube–Welding–Powder Painted (Popular)



DIY crowd control barriers (Nadar barriers) help control crowds in retail, Commercial or office locations. The metal crowd control barriers are commonly used in public events such as sports events, marches and other outdoor festivals. The barriers help Maintain queues of waiting attendants, which is especially helpful for ingoing and outgoing Patrons. The metal crowd control barriers act as a physical and psychological barrier, used To distinguish “no pass” areas and assign space for lines.


DIY crowd control barriers can be utilised in large or small events. Crowd Control barricades have been used at high-profile national events from the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Other significant events that have utilised crowd control barriers include the X Games and the

Project Cases DIY Crowd Control Barriers

Border Tube
Border Tube Thickness
Inner Tube Diameter
Inter Tube Thickness
Quantity of Inter Tube
40mm DIY Crowd Control Barriers

Pedestrian Barriers Production Process:

  • 1> Material
  • 2> Cutting
  • 3> Welding
  • 4> Glavanizing Or Powder Coating
  • 5> Packing
  • 6> Container loading

Pedestrian Barriers 0


1> in bulk, with containers;
2> or plastic inside, metal pallet outside;
3> standard export packing;
4> Pedestrian Barriers custom packing is also available;

Pedestrian Barriers For sale

Foot Type DIY crowd control barriers

(A) Flat-style feet

DIY barriers are the ideal choice at special events or venues that require funnelling crowds or traffic in parallel lines.
Minimises the tripping hazard, and vehicle tires roll easily over the feet without damaging the barricade.
The flat feet distribute weight evenly, and rubber grommets provide added protection for sensitive floors.
Two holes in each foot allow it to be anchored to the ground.
sports portable US standard white powder coating crowd control barriers 2

(B) Bridge-style feet

the design provides maximum stability for the barrier, thus making the product an ideal choice for use on grass, soft or uneven surfaces.
The Bridge Foot provides the best resistance to pushing by crowds, so choose this for your sensitive crowd control needs if you are planning a parade, rally or concert.
sports portable US standard white powder coating crowd control barriers 3

(C) Cross-style feet:

DIY Crowd Control Barriers’ feet are welded with the panel, so it’s more convenient to install. Provides maximum stability for the barrier, thus making the product an ideal choice for use on grass, soft or uneven surfaces.



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