crowd control interlocking barriers

Crowd control interlocking barriers are ideal for securing admission areas at concerts, sporting events, street festivals, and other high-traffic gatherings. They can also be used to fence entrance areas, section off sales booths, or create spectator pens to safeguard against potentially dangerous crowd surges. These sturdy interlocking units snap together quickly and easily.

crowd control interlocking barriers specifications

Specification Normal Size
Panel Siza




20,25,32,40,42,48 OD
crowd control interlocking barriers Infill Picket


12,14,16,20 OD


Finished Hot-dipped galvanized, Powder-coated after welded
Feet Flat feet, Bridge feet and Tube feet


  • 1)  crowd control interlocking barriers Offer reliable safety and safety protection
  • 2) traffic regulation, human flow control
  • 3) special events
  • 4) concerts
  • 5) stadium / conference / Conference Center
  • 6) exhibition / Carnival / Festival
  • 7) Parade / assembly
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Crowd Control Fence – bridge foot; Crowd control barriers – bridge foot is the most popular on the market crowd control barrier!
The bridge foot design provides the most excellent stability for the guardrail, making the Product an ideal choice for the meadow, soft or uneven surface.
The bridge foot provides the best resistance, obstructing and diverting the crowd well. Therefore, if you have a parade, a rally or a concert, the sports events plan and choose Crowd control barriers – bridge foot can completely meet your needs.
crowd control interlocking barriers with the flat-style foot; A crowd control barrier with a flat-style foot is the best choice for good people planning and traffic behaviour in places or public places where special events happen. The flat-foot design can reduce the risk of tripping pedestrians. Vehicle tires are easy to roll on their feet without damaging the roadblocks.
The flat foot distributes weight evenly, and rubber grommets are added; they provide two holes, each screw can be fixed on the ground with screws.
Crowd control barrier with V type foot; The stents make the whole system more stable and able to bear more weight.
The Product is more convenient to move, and the packaging is more straightforward. It can be quickly combined into a solid isolation belt to form an effective crowd control barrier.

Quality Control Process

  1. Raw material test the Zn/Ai
  2. Semi-finished product test the size and quality
  3. Finished Product’s Test the surface adhesive force (usually the post surface test )
  4. Finished Product’s installation

Service crowd control interlocking barriers

1: Product Service; Our products offer 10 YEARS GUARANTEE.

2: Product customization services; We can customize products according to your requirements, including design and drawing.

3: After-sales service

  • Our after-sales service starts immediately after signing the contract.
  • 1.No matter what FOB or CIF the price term is, we would try our best to find the lowest freight cost for customers’ reference.
  • 2. The third-party inspection always gets accurate and authentic data from us, and we will send production photos to customers if there is no inspection from the third party.
  • 3. Do our best to help customers arrange the shipment and customs clearance.
  • 4. Installation, maintenance and repair instructions with complete information.

Packing terms

crowd control interlocking barriers


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