crowd control barriers rental

crowd control barriers rental (also referred to as crowd control barricades, with some versions called a french barrier or bike rack in the USA) are commonly used at many public events. Security for special events, parades, festivals, concerts and sporting events. Crowd Control Barriers is ideal where high quality, attractive and durable crowd control is required. Built to proven design standards, the Crowd barricade is built from high-quality carbon steel and is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to ensure long-term weather resistance.

Application Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers

The crowd control barriers for rental; is commonly used at many public events. Crowd Control Barricades are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations, and outdoor festivals. Event organizers, venue managers, and security personnel use barricades as part of their crowd management planning.

Feature crowd control barriers rental

1. Fully hot-dipped galvanized after welded, zinc coating is more than 70 microns suit a long time outdoor serviced
2. More weather resistant and durable, and it can last more than 10 years.
3. The barrier is light and easy to handle while being strong and robust at the same time.
4. The feet are removable which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient.


Product Name
crowd control barriers rental specification
2m/2.1m/2.2m/2.5m or custom
1m/1.1m/1.2m/1.5m or custom
Surface treatment
Hot Dipped Galvanized/ Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated
crowd control barriers rental Frame diameter
30mm / 32mm /  38mm / 40mm / 42mm or custom
Inside pipe diameter
16mm / 20mm / 25mm / 32mm or custom
14mm.16mm.20mm.25mm or custom
Metal hook
Base feet type
Flat feet/ Cross feet/ Bridge feet/ Wheel feet
Feet length
60mm/ 100mm/ 190mm/ 200mm or custom

Fence Foot of Crowd Control Barriers

There are three types of feet of our crowd control barriers for rental. crowd control barriers come complete with toe boards and Flat Bar style footing with optional tabs for tacking them in place. They have become quite an item as an Oil Platform Barricade. Shipbuilders favour this as a Perimeter Barricade and a safety item rather than a cable line stretched from end to end. The toe boards on the bottom also add weight and keep the tools on deck instead of in the water. Dock Barriers can also have punched holes in the bars for bolting to wood or concrete.
1100X2500mm Crowd Control Barriers Galvanized Steel Metal Pedestrian Barriers 2



Packaging & Shipping

All Crowd Control Barriers for Rental We use a metal pallet; Each pallet has six lines packing belt.

Crowd control Barricades all packing in the metal stillage easy for customer unloading containers meanwhile if you bought powder coated crowd control barriers from us, each barrier with behaving a plastic film layer to avoid the powder was broken or cracked.

Crowd Control Barriers Packing:

(1) Bubble wrap at the bottom of the pallet, which can protect the last barrier

(2) Small piece of carton paper between every two barriers to prevent rubbing against each other

(3)After the above, all barriers will be packed with plastic film

crowd control barrier Galvanised steel for events concerts public gatherings construction sites




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