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Before you want to rent crowd control barriers, “crowd control barriers rental near me ” should be imported from china cause it will save you more money than rental crowd control fence; Crowd control barriers are a type of temporary fencing for designated events, which can provide security for patrons and the general public. Crowd control barricade panels interlock one another with hook and loop.
The crowd control barriers rental near me can stand on the floor with three feet: flat, crossed feet and removable bridge feet. These feet are convenient and environmentally friendly because they can be installed well without drilling or digging holes.

Advantage crowd control barriers rental near me

  • Lightweight and Easy to Deploy No need for heavy lifting equipment. One person can move two barricades with ease.
  • Strong Our metal barricades have been pre-galvanized and machine welded for accuracy and consistency in quality consistency.
  • Stack-ability Storage can be an issue for some; that’s why our feet can be detached to save even more space during times of storage.
  • Weighted Advantage Depending on the application, ballast can be used over the feet for extra stabilization.


  • Crowd control barriers rental near me come with Good strength and stability.
  • Easy to install and dismantle. Require no drilling or digging.
  • Reusable and long service time.
  • More practical and efficient.
  • Rent and purchase are all available.
  • Have different types, sizes and colours.
  • The barrier fence length is flexible for different sites.

Specification crowd control barriers

Model Fixed Leg Barrier Flat Foot Barrier Premium HD Barrier
Length 7.5′ 7.5′ 6.5′ or 8.’
Height 43.3″ 43.3″ 38″ to 44″ Adjustable
Tube Diameter NPS 1.5″ 1.5″ 1.25″
Tube Gauge BWG 20 (0.035″) 20 (0.035″) 16 (0.065″)
Weight 23.5 lbs. 20.5 lbs.* 51 lbs. or 56 lbs.
Per Pallet 18 Barriers 20 Barriers 25 Barriers


crowd control barriers rental near me With so many benefits, the crowd control barrier can be used to provide security for people on various occasions.

  • Create a particular space in public events for security, such as outdoor festivals, concerts, sports events, etc.
  • Help people escape smoothly in some emergencies.
  • Serving as bike barricade at the roadside.
  • Safety signage for some dangerous places.
  • Security barrier at the construction sites.
  • As the aisle barrier of the exit in park, station and other public places.
  • Temporary isolation or separation in some places, like the parking lot, exhibition, etc.

Foot Types crowd control barriers rental near me.

  • The Crowd Control Barriers with a bridge-style foot is the best selling crowd control barricade! The bridge-foot design provides maximum stability for the barricade, thus making it an ideal choice for use on grass, soft or uneven surfaces.
  • The Crowd Control Barriers with a flat-style foot is ideal for special events or venues requiring funnelling crowds or traffic in parallel lines. The flat-foot design minimizes the tripping hazard, and vehicle tires roll easily over the foot without damage to the barricade.


Used surrounding river. * Used surrounding pool. * Used surrounding building.
restricted area. * Used in the exhibition hall. * Used in the garden.
quarantine area. * Used at the stadium. * Used at university.
the convention centre. * Used at the construction site. * Used at ancient cite.
on the city road. * Used on both sides of the walkway.

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