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BMP is the leading china crowd control barriers manufacturer; the crowd control barricades we supplied were specifically designed and manufactured as pedestrian barricades, different from other companies’ ordinary fences. These can risk public safety. We are the manufacturer of these crowd barriers and other chain link and welded mesh products that we supply both to Oceanica and another international market. This ensures that we can maintain the highest quality available on the international market, maintaining the lowest price. We employ ‘no middle man’ and ensure that the product is delivered directly from the factory to you.


Crowd Control Barriers Foot Recommend from crowd control barriers manufacturer.

AS an R&D crowd control barriers manufacturer, There are two types of crowd control fencing foot in the market: flat steel foot and bridge foot.


Flat Steel Foot Crowd Control Barriers can easily replace steel powder-coated crowd control barriers with bolted bases for maintenance. Our flat bottomed unit with two flat bases is designed to make a 90-degree turn in your steel barrier line. This replacement base is designed for a 1.5 “diameter pipe barrier frame.


We supplied a crowd control fence that can easily replace steel Bridge Foot crowd control barriers with bolted bases for maintenance. Our bridge base unit comes with a large and a small base designed to make a 90-degree turn in your steel guardrail line. This replacement base is designed for a 1.5 “diameter pipe barrier frame.


American CCB parameters

Panel Length Panel Height Frame Tube Inner Tube Inner Tube Distance Feet
6.5′ 36″ 40″ 47″ 60″ Φ38×1.5mm Φ38×1.8mm Φ38x2mm Φ12×1.2mm Φ12×1.5mm Φ16×1.5mm 110mm 120mm 150mm
Flat feet: 50x580x6 mm
Bridge feet:Length x Width: 67.5x50cm
V shape feet height:270mm
Surface Treatment
1. Hot-dipped galvanized wire and tube welded
2. PVC coated after galvanized wire and tube welded
3. Hot-dipped galvanized after black wire and tube welded

Australian and New Zealand Standard Crowd Control Barriers Specs

Main Frame Infill Tube Spacing Support Plate Feet Finished Panel Size
OD40×2.0mm OD26×2.0 mm OD25×2.0mm OD20×1.5 mm 200mm


With triangle Steel Plate 70×70×100×2.5mm ×4PCS Welded Permanently Feet:500×70×8.00mm HDG 42microns 1.1×2.0m 1.1×2.1m 1.1×2.2m 1.1×2.3m 1.1×2.4m 1.1×2.5m

Crowd control barrier multi-use

  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Public Gatherings
  • Construction Sites
  • Any site and public restriction area

Why Choose us -Buy crowd control barriers from a reliable china manufacturer

BMP® is a China-Based Crowd Control Barriers Manufacturer, Manufacturer & Exporter. Our products have been exported to more than 150 countries and regions. At BMP, you can purchase all of your fencing and accessories for your project. With our quality service, you will receive:

  • >> ISO Certificated factory.
  • >> Quality products at the lowest price
  • >> Reliable advice from our friendly professional BMP team
  • >> An efficient order process
  • >> Delivery to you in time.​
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