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Square tube crowd control barricades are some of the essential temporary fencing solutions we provide. They are so because of one reason, safety. When it comes to the safety of those in and around construction sites, especially those unaware of potential dangers, it is essential to have crowd control measures installed. BMP knows the ins and outs of installing these construction zone walkways. We’re up to date with the latest code requirements. We’ll see that your staff and those near your construction site are safely guided through the area on a designated and well-marked path.
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Specification crowd control barricades

Tube size
20mm x 20mm x 1.2mm
Diagonal tube
15mm x 15mm x 1mm
Base size
600mm x 75mm x 6mm
Surface Treatment
Pre-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized, powder coating or PVC coated after
Crowd Control Barricades Color
Orange, Black, White, Green, Blue or other colours, also available as requested.
Accept custom sizes…

Hot Specification export to the USA

Height 1170mm
Length 9ft, 9.5ft
Crowd Control Barricades Square tube SHS 20x20mm
Detached flat feet 600x75x8mm
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized tube welded and then polyester powder coated
Colour White (popular), green, etc
Height 1140mm/1170mm/
Length 9ft, 9.5ft,
Square tube  20x20mm/
Detached flat feet 600x75x8mm/600*75*6mm
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized tube welded and then polyester powder coated
Colour White /orange (popular), green, etc
Barrier/Barricade production flow:
crowd control barricades for sale
Main markets:

Our Crowd Control Barricades are Mainly exported to America, Australia, New Zealand, European countries, and Asia.

Surface treatment:

(1). Pre hot dipped galvanized tube welded
(2). Fully hot dipped galvanized after welded
(3). Pre hot dipped galvanized tube welded and then polyester powder coated


Crowd Control Barricades Square Tubes Widely Use in Sporting events, Concerts, Public Gatherings, Construction Sites, Any site and public restriction area.
Directing pedestrians
It can be used to direct pedestrian traffic.
Ideal for creating queues for ticket sales, food and alcohol
Car parking areas
Create an allocated area for vehicle parking
Restrict vehicle access
Deters motorists from entering a road
Restrict pedestrian access
Create allocated pedestrian walkways
Crowd Control Barriers can Prevent pedestrians from entering areas without restricting visibility and viewing, e.g. parades and sports events.
crowd control barricades crowd control barricades


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