Belgium Crowd Control Barriers


Belgium Crowd Control Barriers are also known as metal bicycle racks and French Barriers. We offer two frames sizes that Crowd Control Barriers can use for flat steel and bridge bases. Replacing the bolt base makes repairing your roadblocks easier and keeps your pedestrian control barriers looking new. Don’t forget to look at the customs barrier jacket and turn your roadblock into an extra marketing space.

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Feature & Advantage of Belgium Crowd Control Barriers

  • The crowd Control barrier the EU is used to protect and maintain crowds against large-scale aggregation.
  • Thanks to convenient handles and interlocking systems, EU Standard crowd control barriers are easy to carry and set up.
  • If you have any personal requirements for size, material or finish, please contact our team and share your project with you. DRAWING


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  • Sport type
  • The outdoor or indoor concert
  • School party
  • Parties and parties
  • Marathon
  • Construction site

2.1.2Parameter Belgium Crowd Control Barriers

  • Height :1150mm&1500mm
  • Width :2500mm
  • Frame Tubes:35mm
  • Upright :16mm x 1.00mm
  • Spacing :125mmm
  • Foot Welded Types: Permanent

Keep people safe where you want to go – away from private or dangerous areas and within borders. There are two types of temporary and portable fence boards, and you can rely on our team to make your activities go smoothly. Your temporary fence is an excellent place to promote yourself. You can place the company logo or event sponsor logo on the fence during the event.

2.2.3Foot Optional

Our Belgium Crowd Control Barriers available bright foot and flat steel foot, cross foot ( V foot also called triangle foot )


Cross Foot Crowd Control Barriers


Flat Steel Foot


Bridge foot

6 Tips of Buy Crowd Control Barricades

1. Plastic and Metal Crowd Control Barriers Steel is the most common crowd control barricade. Steel crowd control barriers are more durable and more suitable for people who encounter the barriers. IE. If they line up in a row, they are placed with the parade for protest gatherings, etc. Although plastic crosswalks are not as strong, they can provide a larger field of vision and are preferred for areas where children are more active because there are no sharp obstacles. Edge. Because they are lighter, they are easier to install and remove.

2. Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers  2. Galvanized steel crowd control barrier. When buying event barriers, make sure they are hot-dip galvanized or pre-galvanized. This process dips the steel barrier into the zinc bath in the galvanized layer. Hot-dip is the key. This will ensure that your obstacles will not be lowered by lousy weather.

3. Right Structure of Crowd Control Barriers, Full-frame assembly. Steel barriers are often a significant investment. You don’t want them to go bankrupt after one or two years of service. When choosing a steel guardrail, ensure that the vertical reinforcement inserted into the Frame and saddle welds are provided in the design. These design elements are essential for barriers that can last for decades. Learn more about the steel crowd control barriers process.

4. Design of Base, Bolt-fixed base. The base of a crowd control barrier is usually the first base to be damaged. If you need crowd control barricades that can be repaired and repaired, make sure they have removable bolt-on bases. This feature allows you to change from the bridge seat type to the flat seat type. Read more about the basic types of disorders.

5. Design of Hooking & Locking, Interlocking hooks. Interlocking crowd control barriers allow you to create a series of barricades that crowd control barriers cannot break down from the centre. This allows a safer line. There are different standards for the spacing of the hooks. If you want to buy barriers to match existing inventory, make sure you know the spacing. Please note some of the china suppliers without any drawing.

6. Talk Details with your supplier. Does your supplier know about crowd control barriers? Many companies that sell steel barriers do not understand the products they sell. Before investing heavily in a steel structure crowd control system, it is best to talk to a company representative and introduce the content in this article, so you know that you will get a quality product with lasting quality. The hook size of these obstacles/pedestrian barriers may not fit any standard obstacles. Ask for one of the standard hook sizes when ordering obstacles. Read more about barrier hook changes.


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