aluminium crowd control barriers

Aluminium Barriers is a lightweight design crowd control system made of Aluminum Alloy. The Barriers has a self-weight of only 34 kg per 1 section. The smooth round top bar and the bottom bar inside the shop incorporate a steel 15 mm slot pin that provides easy connection points for the Barriers. There are also 2 sets of interlock and 2 sides bolt connections in case of uneven ground to strengthen the barricade connection. All profiles Of aluminium crowd control barriers have soft, rounded edges for maximum comfort. The design load of the aluminium crowd control barriers is 10528N/m1.

Specification of aluminium crowd control barriers
Barrier Specification
Name Aluminium concert stage barrier folding crowd control barrier
Size 1200*1000*1200(D*W*H)
Certification TUV
Material Aluminium alloy
Frame tube 50*3mm
Footboard 1000*620*3mm antiskid
Brace tube 40*3mm
Perforated mesh 2mm
Weight 28kgs
Feature robust, easy to assemble and dismantle. Folding
Application to stop the audience from the actors, control the crowds to ensure safety
Advantage heavy-duty design, simple and effective connection system,sound-permeable vertical plate, all sections made of aluminium.
Advantages &Feature of Aluminum Barrier
  1. Lightweight, about 34kg one section welders and engineers to ensure high-quality stage barrier.
    2. Slot pin, easily connection
    3. Aluminum crowd control barriers  Interlock and bolt connector, strong load capacity and suitable for uneven ground
    4. Fold flat and can be stacked in the trolley for easy transportation and storage
    5. Trolley can be stacked to be 2 layers with wheels, save time, save labour cost
    6. High load about 10528N/m 1
    7. TUV & CE certificate quality control
    8. Mill finish, powder coating black, other colour is available
    9. Can be with your company LOGO
    10. barriers are used for Crowd control to make the concert or events held successfully
    11. to guarantee the safety of the people and make room for the exit.
    12. to ensure the show is well to start
  2. How to Install an Aluminum Crowd Control Barriers
Application of Aluminum Barriers

Hang lighting, speaker, and so on for indoor or outdoor events, concerts, exhibitions.

Quality Construction

Aluminium barriers are sold as portable folding free-standing units. They come in 4′ (122cm) high x 3′ (100cm)  wide mesh panel sections. Each barrier unit, when sectioned together, forms a continuous rear security step for use by security officers.

Frame Materials

Aluminium crowd control barriers frames are made out of welded aluminium tubing for maximum strength and durability. Each barrier unit has a large, 3mm diameter metal round tube across the top for customer safety and comfort. Each tube end is finished perfectly, eliminating all sharp edges and potentially lost pieces.

Acoustically Transparent Mesh

Each barrier unit features an expanded metal screen that does not block or reflect the sound waves, and it is fine enough not to trap any fingers or loose clothing. The mesh is completely enclosed, eliminating any sharp edges.

Security Steps

The security steps have a 1.6cm thick x40cm wide,

Barrier Floor Materials

Each barrier floor section measures 3cm thick x 48″ (122cm) deep and runs the complete length of 100cm of the barrier unit. Each floor section has 40*40*2cm aluminium framing, with a continuous 6″ (15cm) wide metal safety ramp, along the front of each section.

Load Rating aluminium crowd control barriers

The 48″ (100cm) wide units have a load rating of 150 lbs./LF. (68kg)


Aluminium Barriers
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