8.5ft crowd control barriers

Our 8.5FT Crowd Control Barricades Finished Available Pre-Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized and Powder Coated.

8.5FT crowd Control Barricades are One of the most reliable event fences on the market, and the 8.5FT crowd control barriers are made of marine-grade hot-dip galvanized steel or pre-galvanized steel. These barriers fence panels are 8.5 feet long and cover a larger area than most other roadblocks on the market. High-quality hot-dip galvanized coating and 16 gauge steel makes it an ideal barricade in any weather conditions. With its simple interlocking design, the 8.5-foot heavy steel barricade can easily connect to another barrier to form a long and continuous protection line. All 8.5-foot heavy steel barricades are equipped with removable feet, customized according to different landscape and floor types.

HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED 8.5FT Crowd Control Barriers

Hot-dip galvanized steel forms a comprehensive rust-proof seal, which helps to prolong service life and reduce corrosion. After construction and welding, barricades shall be hot-dip galvanized to weatherproof the entire barrier completely. Each barrier is 8.5 feet long and weighs 44 pounds. It is all made of strong  16 gauge steel. The mainframe consists of a 1.5-inch diameter steel pipe and contains 21 vertical barrier rods to provide sufficient protection and safety.

Simple interlocking design

All 8.5-foot crowd control barriers heavy steel barricades can be connected to block large blocks or specific areas. With a simple hook and loop design, each of the two pins on the right side of the 8.5-foot heavy steel barricade will fall directly into the two rings on the left side of the forward barrier. When roadblocks are locked together, they can only be decoupled from the end to help stability and safety.

Interchangeable foot

The 8.5-foot heavy steel barricade has two different foot options: bridge foot or flat foot. Bridge feet are usually used for uneven surfaces, such as grass, gravel, and hills or slopes; Flat feet are ideal for flat surfaces such as concrete and are designed to minimize tripping hazards. To create a more permanent fixture, you can also bolt flat feet to the ground.

8.5ft crowd control barriers benefit

  • Long term hot-dip galvanized finish
  • Slim and heavy for maximum protection
  • Interchangeable foot options
  • Easy interlocking design; Compatible with other roadblocks
  • Compatible with other roadblocks
  • 100% recyclable


  • Large construction sites
  • traffic control
  • Stadium
  • Public activities

Technical Specifications

 Height  40″ 42″ 44″ etc
 Length  8’5″*85FT*or 102″
 Width  26 3/4″ (bridge feet); 26″ (flat feet)
 Weight  44 pounds
 Steel Thickness  16 gauge
 Outer Tube Diameter  1 ½”
 Inner Tube Diameter  ½”
 Feet Style  Choose either Bridge OR Flat feet— Although they are interchangeable, you must select an option of one or the other for each order of a barricade.
 Material  Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel


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