72″x90 “Crow Control Barriers (also known as crowd control barricades, some versions in the United States are French roadblocks or bicycle frames), usually used in many public activities. Security for special events, parades, festivals, concerts, and sporting events. Road safety barricades are ideal for crowd control requiring high quality, attractiveness, and durability. Crowd barricades are constructed according to proven design standards, made of high-quality carbon steel, and hot-dip galvanized inside and outside to ensure long-term weather resistance.72 “x90 “crowd control barriers system uses galvanized finish and an all-welded frame to provide an overall package for your site and a user-friendly system for you and the public. The crowd control barriers system can be installed quickly and easily without disturbing surfaces by digging holes or laying foundations. From the point of view of maximum or minimum, long-term or short-term application, the removable feet are easy to disassemble and store.


Length 90″ (2440mm)
Height 72″(
Outer Tubing  1.25″ diameter * 18 gauge or 1.5″*16 gauge  wall thickness
Inner Tubing 5/8″ or 1/2″ wall thick 18 19 20 21 gauge
Upright Spacing 4″, 5″
Finished Pre-galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot dipped Galvanized
Welded Permanently Welded & Removable Welded


Crowd control metal barricades with bridge feet are the best-selling crowd control barrier on the market! The bridge-foot design provides maximum stability for the barrier, thus making the product an ideal choice for use on grass, soft or uneven surfaces. The Bridge Foot provides the best resistance to pushing by crowds – so if you are planning a parade, rally, or concert, choose this for your sensitive crowd control needs. A crowd control metal barricade with flat feet is ideal for special events or venues requiring funnelling crowds or traffic in parallel lines. The flat-foot design minimizes the tripping hazard, and vehicle tires roll easily over the foot without damage to the barricade. The flat foot distributes weight evenly, and rubber grommets provide added protection for sensitive floors. Two holes in each foot allow it to be anchored to the ground.




Crowd Control Barrier Applications

* Security and Safety
* Traffic & Pedestrian Control
* Special Events
* Concerts
* Stadiums/Arenas/Convention Centers
* Fairs/Carnivals/Festivals
* Parades/Rallies


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