7.5FT Crowd Control Barriers

7.5ft Crowd Control Barricades

DESCRIPTION OF 7.5FT Crowd Control Barriers

Our 7.5ft Crowd Control Barriers Available Pre-galvanized and Hot dipped Galvanized Powder Coated Coated Frame is available  1.5″ x16 gauge and 18 gauge thickness and 1 “1.25” etc. Our 7.5ft crowd control barriers come with A robust tubular steel frame, designed safety function, combined with our strict testing of barriers, provides you with the required quality and reliability. Compare With our 8.5ft crowd control barriers, the price is lower and lighter; through innovation and the most advanced manufacturing technology, we can provide you with products with better performance, strength, and safety. Unparalleled strict quality inspection and testing process ensure that only the most reliable products can reach you and your customers.

7.5FT crowd control barricades are One of the most reliable barricades on the market. The 7.5-foot heavy-duty fixed-foot steel crowd control barricades are made of marine-grade hot-dip galvanized steel and are ideal for all weather conditions. With its simple interlocking design, the 7.5-foot heavy fixed-foot steel barricade can be easily connected to another barricade to form a long and continuous protective line. Single frame, fixed leg design, lightweight, no assembly – fast and convenient installation and disassembly.

Strength and durability

Hot-dip galvanized steel forms a comprehensive rust-proof seal to help reduce corrosion. 7.5ft Crowd Control Barricades shall be hot-dip galvanized after construction and welding to completely weatherproof the entire barricade. Each barricade is 7.5 feet long and weighs 34 pounds. It is all made of solid No. 16 steel and light enough for one person to move. The mainframe consists of a 1.5-inch diameter steel pipe and contains 15 vertical barrier posts to provide adequate protection and safety.

Simple interlocking design

To help establish a continuous crowd control line, all 7.5-foot heavy fixed-foot steel 7.5ft crowd control barriers can be easily interlocked with other barricades. The safety hook system can hook one barricade to the loop of another barricade. Even if one of the barricades is under pressure, the hooks and receivers on each roadblock help support the entire line, making it extremely difficult to break through or disconnect.

Fixed feet

All 7.5 crowd control barriers steel is available fixed feet and removable feet such flat steel, bridge foot, etc., so assembly is fast and easy. The foot design can also stack a large number of roadblocks together for transportation and storage. The 7.5-foot heavy-duty steel barricade has a wide range of uses and can be used on any flat or uneven surface.


 Height 42″ 43″ 44″
 Length  7.5′
Spacing   4″ 5″etc
 Weight 34 pounds
 Outer Tube Diameter  1 ½”
 Inner Tube Diameter  5/8″
 Feet Style  Flat or bridge cross etc
 Material  Pre-Galvanized Steel




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