6.5ft crowd control barricades 

Our 6.5ft crowd control barricades (2000mm width ) available pre-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, and powder coated. General heady duty or light duty design comes with a bridge or flat steel foot interlocking system (male and female hooking design). Crowd Control Barriers are an excellent solution for many people; Several interlocking metal barriers can create excellent crowd control and traffic direction across long distances. Galvanized steel barricades are a rugged solution that can withstand heavy pedestrians, vehicles, and weather. Crowd control barrier, an effective and necessary crowd control management system in almost all private and public activities, including concerts, demonstrations, bicycle races, and construction sites. Keep pedestrian and vehicle traffic to prevent tripping and trampling accidents.

Specifications of 6.5ft crowd control barricades 

Length 6.5ft (2000mm)
Height 40″ 42″ 43″ 44″
Outer Tubing  1.25 “diameter * 18 gauge or 1.5″*16 gauge  wall thickness
Inner Tubing 5/8″ or 1/2″ wall thick 18 19 20 21 gauge
Upright Spacing 4″, 5″
Finished Pre-galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot dipped Galvanized
Welded Permanently Welded & Removable Welded

Included one frame panel + 2 bridge feet or two flat steel foot

Feet Type of 6.5ft Crowd Control Barriers

1) Bridge Foot

Crowd control barrier – bridge foot is the most popular crowd control barrier in the market!

2)  Flat Steel Foot

A flat-foot crowd control barrier is the best choice for rational crowd and traffic behaviour in places or public places where special events occur.

3) V-shaped Foot

The support makes the system more stable and can bear more weight. The product is more convenient to move, and the packaging is more straightforward. It can be quickly combined into a solid isolation area to form an effective flow control barrier.

Characteristics of 6.5ft crowd control barricades.

  • Secure position
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Weatherproof, long service life
  • Widely used in activities

Application of crowd control barrier

Steel barriers are used in many unusual activities nationally and globally, Sports events, concerts, public gatherings, construction sites, and restricted public areas. Traffic barriers shall first be set around civil works, construction sites, activities and festivals.

  • Concert
  • Presidential inauguration
  • Olympic Games and other major sports events
  • Parades and festivals
  • Construction site
  • Road Engineering

6.5ft crowd control barricades


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