42×96 crowd control barricades

Our 42 “x96″ Crowd Control Barricades Surface Treatment available Hot-dipped Galvanized, Powder Coated, Pre-galvanized, and Feet Available Bridge, Flat Steel, Cross Etc Complied ASTM standard. Our 42″X96” Crowd control Barricades are specially designed and manufactured pedestrian barricades, which are different from the ordinary fences used by other companies. These may endanger public safety. We manufacture these crowd barriers and other chain links and welded mesh products, supplying Oceanica( Australia Crowd Control Barriers ) and other international markets. This ensures that we can maintain the highest quality in the international market while maintaining the lowest price. We employ “no middleman” and ensure that products are delivered directly from the factory to you.


Length 96″ (2440mm)
Height 4″”
Outer Tubing  1.25″ diameter * 18 gauge or 1.5″*16 gauge  wall thickness
Inner Tubing 5/8″ or 1/2″ wall thick 18 19 20 21 gauge
Upright Spacing 4″, 5″
Finished Pre-galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot dipped Galvanized
Welded Permanently Welded & Removable Welded


Traditional bridge bases are designed so that each steel barrier has one giant base and one small base located at the extreme ends of the frame. This allows for four points of the base to remain in constant contact with the ground and accommodate the placement of steel barriers in both a straight line at various angles. There are three types of bases:
Bridge type Feet: the feet can be removed
Welded(Cross) Feet: the feet welded on the pipe
Flat type Feet: flat feet can make removable.

Our 42″X96″ Crowd Control Barriers have been designed for use at events that need to accommodate a larger crowd. Their flat feet feature (to prevent trip hazards) provides a quick and efficient solution in any situation where you need to divert patrons and the general public away from a designated area.

Packaging & Shipping 

Our 42″X96″ Crowd control Barricades all packing in the metal stillage easy for customer unloading containers meanwhile if you bought powder coated crowd control barriers from us, each barrier with behaving a plastic film layer to avoid the powder was broken or cracked.

Crowd Control Barriers Packing:

(1) Bubble wrap at the bottom of the pallet, which can protect the last barrier

(2) Small piece of carton paper between every two barriers to prevent rubbing against each other

(3)After the above, all barriers will be packed with plastic film


Container Loading

We have 15 years experience of sale and designing crowd control barriers to overseas markets annual we sold 150000+ crowd control barriers to the worldwide market



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