42″x98″ crowd control barriers are available heavy duty and light duty design alternative optional bridge foot /cross foot and flat steel foot etc. Our crowd control barriers are designed for regular movement and handling to ensure that your diversion and isolation needs are met and that the safety and security of the entire activity/project are ensured. Galvanized Finished ensures the service life of our pedestrian guardrail in terms of structure and aesthetics. The best galvanizing method ensures that our crowd control barriers are more weather-resistant and durable than most crowd control barriers on the market. Beware of tripping hazards associated with many crowd control barriers in the market. These pedestrian barriers are specifically designed to be flat-footed to eliminate the risks associated with protruding feet. If you need other types of feet, don’t hesitate to contact us for design.


Length 98″ (2490mm)
Height 4″”
Outer Tubing  1.25″ diameter * 18 gauge or 1.5″*16 gauge  wall thickness
Inner Tubing 5/8″ or 1/2″ wall thick 18 19 20 21 gauge
Upright Spacing 4″, 5″
Finished Pre-galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot dipped Galvanized
Welded Permanently Welded & Removable Welded

APPLICATION OF 42″x98″ Crowd Control Barriers

  • 1>Crowd control barriers fences are used in traffic road control, road isolation belts, limit vehicles.
  • 2>Crowd control barrier fence is also applied in concert, outdoor activity, Sports ground.
  • 3>Crowd control barrier fence is very fitted for highway, public activities for crowd control.
  • 4>Crowd control barrier fence is applied in temporary isolation.


Material Of  Crowd Control Barriers

  • One> Galvanized pipe, then welds painted or Powder coated;
  • 2> Black pipe, then hot-dip galvanized after welding or Powder coated after welding.

Temporary Cheap used safety concert metal construction crowd control barrier


  • Hand welded for strength.
  • Hot dipped galvanized coating for longevity – MIN 42 microns
  • Sturdy lightweight frames stacking or moving
  • Easy interlocking system for fast installation
  • Removable/locking feet for stacking and storing ease
  • Flat foot design for avoiding trip hazards
  • Color available in silver,orange,blue,red,green, black.

42"x98" crowd control barriers

FEET of 42″x98″ Crowd Control Barriers

Traditional bridge bases are designed so that each steel barrier has one giant base and one small base located at the extreme ends of the frame. This allows for four points of the base to remain in constant contact with the ground and accommodate the placement of steel barriers in both a straight line at various angles. There are three types of bases:

  • 1>Bridge type Feet: the feet can be removed
  • Two>Welded(Cross) Feet: the feet welded on the pipe
  • 3>Flat type Feet: flat feet can make removable.



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