New Zealand Crowd Control Barriers

Our crowd control barriers provide a quick and effective barrier for all situations where you need to move or keep the public away from designated areas to ensure safety. The obstacle is light and easy to operate, and durable at the same time. The flat feet are detachable, making transportation and storage more straightforward and efficient.Crowd control barriers are ideal for sports events, concerts, public gatherings, construction sites, product launches, promotional activities, and any site that needs to divert public attention or keep the public away from specific hazards.

Pre-galvanized Crowd Control Barriers

One of the cheapest crowd control barriers on the market. Panel and its pre-galvanized frame (AV. 14 micron) 25mm x 1.2mm pipe, weighing only 10kg, with legs. Their feet are flat, making the obstacle more stable and safer than the claw foot obstacle. They combine a specially designed locking system that is easy to use, fast and very secure. Not a system, we recommend long-term commercial use of low current; they are only suitable for a light load.

Hot dipped Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers

The dura spec crowd control barrier is the most durable barrier we use in our rental fleet. Hot-dip galvanized to 2.0 mm AV x.0 mm frame after fabrication. 84 μ m, the filler rod is heavy-duty 20 mm x 1.2 mm, which increases the overall strength of the barrier. We recommend that anyone want a barrier that suits any environment and is ideal for reuse for many years.


Boss Metal Plastic Co.Ltd metal crowd control barriers Are easy to install, durable and easy to stack when not in use. It is an ideal choice for public activities, stadiums or workplaces. Our robust crowd control barrier design galvanized finish and bolted foot ability make it ideal for temporary crowd control. Galvanized and powder-coated steel crowd control barriers in the New Zealand market; think about boss metal plastic crowd control barriers when looking for high-quality crowd control fences.Our crowd control fences are ideal for public events, stadiums or workplaces to ensure your safety, the safety of employees and guests, and the overall safety of your property. We specialize in producing and providing high-quality temporary crowd control and road safety products, including very safe crowd control barriers. Our steel crowd control barriers and safety barriers are the market choice for New Zealand in terms of safety crowd control. They are also one of the only roadblocks on the market with double interlocking hinge points, making them the most rugged and ideal choice for roadblocks.


The function of the crowd control barrier is complete. Our fast installation, the interlocking system makes installation easy, and our panel also provides removable feet, so once the feet are removed, stacking and storing the panel is straightforward. Low intrusion flat foot prevents tripping hazards and ensures that your employees and guests are safe. Our crowd control barriers also have pre-drilled holes for bolted installation to ensure you meet occupational health and safety requirements while providing maximum safety for workers and pedestrians. This excellent fence option has two fully welded surfaces, a galvanized steel silver barrier and an obvious orange powder-coated steel barrier. Feet can also be purchased separately.

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