How to Make Crowd Control Barriers?

 How to make crowd control barriers? Before making any barriers, we have to know the following steps of making barriers.

Crowd control barriers are high-quality carbon steel frames, and then hot-dip galvanized or powder coated. Surface corrosion resistance, long service life. Crowd control barriers are designed to meet the safety standards required to manage significant public events. It’s much smaller and can be connected to form a small barrier, and no area is allowed to enter. Crowd control barricades are stronger than you think. The link is not easy to disconnect to ensure that no one enters the restricted area. Crowd control barriers are composed of a crowd guardrail, foot, interlocking system and other accessories. The outer frame and column are made of high-quality carbon steel frames. The upright frame is fully inserted into the frame before welding, thus providing exceptional strength. Hot-dip galvanizing or powder coating shall be applied after welding. Crowd control barriers can be hot-dip galvanized and powder coated.

2.1 Prepare Raw Materials

Before producing crowd control barriers, we need to prepare tubes and order these from steel manufacturers worth mentioning that these tubes must be ordered in specific sizes so that no raw materials are wasted. The stock tubes items usually are 6000mm in length while in most cases it can not meet actual requirements; The production time of tubes is usually 7-15 days which we have to be patient on. Generally speaking the, the black tube production time is short and pre-galvanized steel is shorter time but the hot-dipped galvanized tubes productions time is longer

2.2 Cutting Tubes

How to make the tube of crowd control barriers correct size After checking the drawing, our workers will cut tubes in different lengths to make crowd control barriers ,outer frame,bottom rails and uprights 

2.3 How TO bended Making Crowd Control Barriers Tubes

2.4 Welding Crowd Control Barriers

How to Make CROWD CONTROL BARRIERS Treatment ?

Hot-dip galvanized crowd barrier has the best corrosion resistance and rust resistance. The maximum galvanizing weight can be 400g / m2, which can be used as a durable surface for the crowd barrier. The powder sprayed crowd control bar has a variety of colours, which makes the crowd control bar more attractive. Standard colours are black, orange and other colours to choose from. In addition, the powder-coated crowd control fencing is smooth, protective and abrasion-resistant. And Powder Coated Minimum coated 80 microns -200 microns available all accurate Colors

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