Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers

Powder Coated Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers

Our fixed leg crowd control barrier is the strongest in the market. As standard, we offer galvanized crowd control barrier, but we can also offer crowd control barrier powder coating for any ral number you need. This means that you can perfectly match your barriers to meet specific requirements, such as using different colors for different areas and types of work, or many people powder their crowd control barriers to match their company colors.The most common construction customers chose a 50:50 split between 2.3m powder coated red and white crowd control barriers

Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers

The four legs of the fixed outrigger crowd control barriers are welded to the frame of the crowd barrier. The outrigger of the crowd barrier is octagonal, which makes it easy to stack and maximize your storage space. Fixed leg crowd barrier feet also have dome ends to ensure there are no sharp edges that could harm people. If you are looking for a detachable leg, the most common people who want to store or transport their pedestrian obstacles lie down in favour. These pedestrian barriers are also prevalent in nightclubs and other busy places, helping to organize and control entrances and exits.


Offset the fixed legs to increase the stability and strength of the barrier while making it easy to stack. The hook eye system makes the barriers simple and easy to connect. Punching holes at the top of the frame, filling reinforcement, slotting in the frame, and fixing with welding. The one-piece tubular frame reduces the number of weak links (there are only one-piece barriers on the market). Thicker gauge frames and legs increase the durability of the barrier.

  • Height: 1.1m
  • Width: 2.3m overall frame / 2.5m two-piece frame
  • Weight: 14kg / 16KG
  • Finish: galvanized / painted / powder coated to BS EN 10244-2
  • Tubular frame: round hollow section with a diameter of 38.1 mm / specification of 1.2 mm
  • Tube filler: 12.7mm diameter circular hollow section
  • Distance from bottom reinforcement to floor: About 230mm
  • Distance between filling bars: About 110mm
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