European crowd Control Barriers

Europe crowds control barriers; Crowd Control Barriers are also known as metal bicycle racks and French Barriers. We offer two frames sizes that can be used for flat steel base and bridge base. Replacing the bolt base makes it easier to repair your roadblocks and keep your pedestrian control barriers looking new. Don’t forget to look at the customs barrier jacket and turn your roadblock into an extra marketing space. 

Specification 35mm tubes Crowd Control Barriers

Europe crowd control barriers

Both styles of crowd control fencing are perfect for all types of events

  • Sport type
  • The outdoor or indoor concert
  • School party
  • Parties and parties
  • Marathon
  • Construction site

Europe classical crowd control barrier& pedestrian control barriers

  • Dimensions: 1150 or 1500mm x 2500mm long
  • Frame pipe: od 35 x 1.00mm thick
  • Riser: od 16 x 1.00mm thick
  • Spacing: 125mm
  • Foot type: full penetration

Keep the crowd safe where you want to be – away from private or dangerous areas and within borders. There are two types of temporary and portable fence boards that you can rely on our team to make your activities go smoothly. Your crowd control barriers is an excellent place to Advertise yourself. You can place the company logo or event sponsor logo on the fence during the event.


  • Width :Europe crowd control barriers 1000 mm (3.20′)/2000 mm (6.56′)/2500 mm (8.20′)
  • Height: 1090 mm (3.58′) 1090 mm (3.58′) 1100 mm (3.61′) 
  • Frame :Ø 32 Ø 35 Ø 38  x 1.5 mm   Ø 32 Ø 35 Ø 38   x 1.5 mm Ø 32 Ø 35 Ø 38  x 1.5 mm 
  • Upright Tubes: 6 for 1000mm 14 for 2000mm 18 for 2500mm crowd control barriers 
  • Tubes: Ø 16 x 1.20mm  Ø 19 x 1.00 et 

The patented central handle allows two roadblocks to operate simultaneously Due to the maximum safety of the interlocking hook system (male / female)

Groove joint welding, as far as possible to strengthen the welding Hot-dip galvanized steel pedestrian control barriers Laser cutting customized nameplates

Ral or Pantone colour coded powder coatings are available

Foot Types

bridge Foot

In activities such as parades, the bridge base design crowd control barriers provide the best resistance to crowd push. The bridge base crowd control barriers have a large base (slightly larger than 26 inches wide) and a small base (19.5 inches wide) for each pedestrian barrier. Suitable for uneven surfaces such as grass or hilly areas. Comprehensive posture increases stability. Bridge foot pedestrian control barriers have a large foot and a small foot, so they can be set to be easily interlocked. The foot of the bridge is also removable.

Flat Steel Foot

It is most suitable for flat roads, such as sidewalks or sidewalks. Due to the flat nature of the barrier feet, tripping hazards can be avoided. Many flatfoot roadblocks can be bolted to the ground for additional stability. The detachable foot pedestrian barriers are convenient for storage and transportation.

Fixed Foot

Easy to install and disassemble – no assembly or tools required! The new era design is very suitable for grass, sidewalks or sidewalks.


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