Crowd Control Barriers Foot Optional

Crowd control Fencing has a variety of support forms, mainly fixed and detachable. Detachable legs can be divided into the bridge, flat plate, and other particular types. Easy to transport and removable feet can reduce space. Flatfoot is the best choice for pedestrians to walk parallel to the crowd control barricades.


 The foot of the bridge is the best choice for uneven roads because people may push down obstacles. The dimensions of the two legs can be the same, or different sizes can be used. Bridge foot has large and small, is the ideal corner guardrail, they can cross each other in the corner. Fixation method. It uses bolts and nuts to fix feet and crowd control barricades. Gravity pins can also be used to fix feet and guardrails. Gravity pins are used for heavy steel crowd control barriers. 

Crowd Control Barriers In Difference Foot

Triangle bent crowd control barriers steel foot base crowd control barriers come with a stability design compared with other crowd control barricades. In most cases, the triangle foot was welded permanently with the whole frame of crowd control barriers. Guys usually welded an extra brace steel rod at the UK crowd control barriers at two sides of the triangle base. These crowd control barriers are usually treated by pre-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized powder coated.

Heavy intelligent welding crowd control barrier. These barriers last longer than standard barriers. Compatible with all other barriers on the market with a unique 12-month warranty. We are confident in the quality of the crowd control barrier. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you. The Crowd Control Barriers with Cross Design  Mainly Export to Europea Market Finish hot-dipped galvanized or pre-galvanized .all crowd control barriers are fully welded.

In activities such as parades, the bridge base design crowd control barriers provided the best resistance to crowd push. The bridge base is designed to have a large base for each control barrier. Bridge base is the most popular base style since the invention of crowd control barriers. Each obstacle is designed to have a large base and a small base, allowing all  points of the base to go deep into the crowd control barriers

These flat metal feet provide a stable and safe foundation for loose legs for pedestrian or collapsed transport obstacles. In contrast, the flat shape reduces the risk of pedestrian tripping hazards. The feet are removable, so they are easy to store, with loose legs next to crowd barriers and foldable transport control barriers that can be stacked together more efficiently.

Crowd control barrier is also called crowd control barricade, crowd control fence, pedestrian barricade, pedestrian barriers etc. The crowd control barrier incorporates a specially designed locking system that is easy to use and very secure. The barriers are light and easy to handle while being robust at the same time.


 The heavy crowd control interlocking barrier is attractive, and the functional design is suitable for commanders. Interlocking portable railings have many commercial and industrial applications. Easy to move to meet changing needs. Vertical bar vertical spacing. Each railing includes connectors that connect multiple units to form a long run. The feet are removable so that the railing will be flat for transportation and storage. Heavy-duty yellow steel crowd control interlocking barrier with double wheel feet

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